Required Reading

Stories like this one from today’s Wall Street Journal always restore my faith in politics:

One is a wiry, intense Chicagoan, the other a languid, slow-talking Southerner. In manner and philosophy, Rahm Emanuel and Tom Cole personify the nation’s blue-state/red-state political divide.

But scratch the surface of their divergent voting records as U.S. congressmen and you’ll find shared bonds as battlefield strategists for the campaigns of others. What that produces is surprising agreement — on how the 2004 election will be decided, who’s likely to win, and what the outcome may mean for the American public.

Just a couple of smart guys, sitting around talking shop. No rancor, no talking points, no hidden agendas. Just some insights on what’s going on. The only way it could be better is, if these guys had a couple of drinks in them.