Changing the Subject

In response to the previous post, reader Caleb Gilbert writes:

Well, so even if for a minute one wanted to take a leap in logic and dismiss the memos, what about these questions?

It doesn’t take a leap of logic to dismiss forged memos. It only takes – follow me carefully here – forged memos.

Did a friend of the Bush family use his influence with the then-Texas House Speaker to get George W. Bush into the National Guard?

Did Kerry try and fail to get a deferment, then sign up with the service least likely to put him in harm’s way?

Did Lt. Bush refuse an order to take a required physical?

Did Kerry use three non-debilitating injuries (AKA “scratches”) to get out of his service?

Was he suspended for “failing to perform up to standards”?

Are most of the officers Kerry served with convinced he’d make a bad President?

And did he complete his commitment to the Guard?

Did Kerry slander his service mates and suck up to the enemy while still in the Navy or Reserves?

You see, two can play the Changing the Subject Game – and it’s tiresome. I don’t care what Kerry did in Vietnam or Cambodia or wherever 30+ years ago, nor do I care what Bush did then. I didn’t care that Clinton got a deferment, or that Dole lost the use of his arm, or that Bush 41 got shot down, or that Reagan made silly training films.

I care – care deeply – about who I think is qualified to wage WWIV, and in my mind, Kerry ain’t it.


Frank Martin concurs. But then, you always knew he was smart.


Not knowing when to quit, Caleb adds that “Bush is merely seeing the boomerang, which he supported (Swift Boat) come right back at his own head.”

Actually, Bush denounced the Swift Boaters — and all the other 527 groups he helped create with the idiot CFR Act — last month.


Caleb is still hanging around, still playing Change the Subject. So I’m banning the troll. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m tired of this game — and we still have seven weeks to go. Sigh.