Post Wrap

Dean Esmay is angry. You’ll like Dean Esmay when he’s angry.

UPDATE: Harry Forbes cuts to the heart of the matter.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Josh Marshall gots nothin’.


ONE MO’ UPDATE: Feste only thinks he’s paying me a compliment when he says, “Man, that dude can hold his likker.” Dude, I can hold your likker, too.

GOT YER RED-HOT UPDATES HERE: The Other Shoe has pictures.

HELL YEAH ANOTHER UPDATE: Bill Quick is that super-cranky libertarian your mother warned you about. He also just endorsed Bush.

CUTE UPDATE THINGY HERE: Zombyboy, baby — just click and scroll.

OK JUST AN UPDATE: Steven Taylor was all over the speech and its afterbirth like Zell Miller on Chris Matthews. Click and scroll once again.

LAST UPDATE I SWEAR: Ann Althouse has her priorities in order.

REALLY THE LAST UPDATE: Johnathan Stroud comments on the speech, “I’m a die-hard liberal, but man, I’m getting turned on.”


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