Back to Basics

Here’s the story the way Drudge tells it:

MTV, ROLLING STONE and the rock and roll establishment — past and present — have cast their vote, and their man is John Kerry.

So on Sunday night when John Kerry’s daughters were announced to speak at the annual MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS, the MTV youth were expected to welcome his daughter’s as pop culture princesses.

Instead, in an era of the unexpected, the daughters of the Democratic candidate were met with a resounding wall of boos at the filming in Miami.

From the moment Alexandra and Vanessa started speaking, the boos outweighed anything close to cheers, and the reaction turned worse when the daughters asked the VIACOM youth to vote for their father. So shocked by the reaction, the taller of the two daughters tried to ‘shhhhhh’ her peers to no avail.

There comes a time to, ah, lay politics aside. And that time, uh, comes when hotties are on the stage. And the brunette daughter, whose name I’m sure is either Alexandra or Vanessa, is a hottie.

I’m convinced that at least half of what wrong in politics in this country is due to people too concerned with politics to stop and appreciate the scenery. The Kerry girls (at least the brunette one) deserved better.

NOTE: The two most insane-in-a-bad way women I ever seriously dated were named Alexandra and Vanessa. I kid you not. But you’d better believe, no matter how badly either one of them treated me, that had they been on stage flashing that much leg, I would not have booed.