Get Well, Charlie

Aw, hell:

ROLLING Stone Charlie Watts is battling throat cancer.

The 63-year-old drummer, who gave up smoking in the 1980s, was diagnosed with cancer in June after he discovered a lump in his neck.

He is midway through a five-week course of radiotherapy but has been told by doctors that he has “every chance” of making a full recovery.

Watts is being cared for by Shirley, his wife of 41 years, and his 36-year-old daughter, Seraphina.

Known as “the clean-living Stone”, he has insisted on walking himself to hospital in southwest London for his outpatient treatment.


Watts is underappreciated. Right up there with Mick Jagger’s vocals and the guitar of Keith Richards, Watts is responsible for the Stones unique sound. Listen carefully, and you’ll find him back there playing jazz riffs instead of the simpistic 4/4-time-even-white-guys-can-dance-to-it crap put out by most rock drummers.

Let’s hope he beats cancer just as well as he ever beat the drums.


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