Lazy Blogging

I wanted to say something smart, something really smart and, uh, penetrating about the whole Jim McGreevey mess. I really did. But a reader already connected the dots far better than I ever could, so I’ll just go with that.

Before we get there, though, let me get something out of the way.

McGreevey didn’t resign because he’s gay. He wasn’t forced out because he’s gay. He could have gone on serving as New Jersey governor, and been reelected even after coming out of the closet. Coming out is (to a degree, because it wasn’t exactly by choice) to his credit. The fact that the nation — or at least certain states — could accept a gay governor is to this nation’s credit. We have a long way to go, but we’ve come an even longer way. And in a remarkably short time.

No, McGreevey quit because he’s a corrupt slimebag, and he got caught, and he got caught in such a way that there was no talking his way out of it.

Yesterday, when I called his speech “touching,” I caught a little flak. Fair enough. And it’s true enough that he didn’t come out by choice, and the timing of his resignation was politically motivated to benefit his party.

Well — so what? McGreevey might be a corrupt slimebag, but he’s no idiot. He’s still a politician, and if you expected him to do something yesterday to hurt his party even further, then you’re daydreaming.

Now then, let’s get on to the juicy stuff. Here’s what reader “Gonzo” had to say:

Let me connect the dots for you folks:

This guy hired a boy toy from Israel for a homeland security job. Ooops, he’s not qualified and nobody knows what he actually DOES for that $110K a year salary. (Er, well, we know now).

“McGreevey adviser Golan Cipel resigns”

Well, as related in that story, Boy Toy has to resign and is hired by very prominent government fundraiser named Kushner. DAMN… only thing is, Kushner (who raised funds for Gov. M., for Schumer, for Hillary, and even for John F’n Kerry) gets indighted for fraud. Then, when he’s under indightment, Kushner hires a hooker to try and have a tryst with a WITNESS, asks the hooker to get it on tape, and wants to blackmail the WITNESS. Story here:

“Kushner charges invite more questions than answers”

See what’s going on here? The Boy Toy goes and works for the guy that blackmails folks with sex scandals? Reports now say that the Boy Toy demanded and “exhorbitant” amount of money to make the story go away. Could this be becuase Gov. M. refused to give Kushner a pardon?

I’m just saying, folks… There’s no WAY the Democrats would LET a guy resign merely over a consensual affiar or being gay. They’d celebrate it and make a campaign issue out of it. This is a smokescreen, and I’m betting Kushner will be shown to be involved.

The rot runs deep.