What About a Razzie

If you can’t win fair, cheat:

Despite being broadcast on television in Cuba, Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11 will not declared ineligible for next year’s Oscars, according to reports.

According to Academy Award rules, any documentary film broadcast on television or the internet within nine months of release will be disqualified.

Honestly, I’m the one being unfair here. Read the next graf:

In the case of Fahrenheit 9/11, the US distributor said the Cuban TV broadcast was not authorized for broadcast.

It’s not like Castro is a huge fan of US law, so Moore and the Academy get a by on this one.

Will F-9/11 win the Oscar? I’m of two minds on that question.

If the awards were being given before the election, you’re damn right Moore would pick up (and possinly eat whole) his second Oscar. But that ain’t the case.

If Kerry wins November, Moore wins in March — if nothing else, as a big wet thank you from grateful Academy voters (Roger L Simon excepted).

If Bush wins…

Then either Hollywood decides to play Suck Up and give the award to some other (and actual) documentary, or…

Gives the award to Moore anyway, as an I Told You So to the whole wide world.

Either way, I can’t say I care much.