Prelude To A Screed

As noted below, James Lileks got mugged by a French magazine editor yesterday; Hugh Hewitt has posted a brief rundown, just to whet your appetite for Frog Fricassee while we await today’s Bleat:

Spending a lot of time today with Regis le Sommier, U.S. bureau chief of Paris Match, a sort of Life meets Time meets People. Great exchange between Regis and Lileks, which I hope James writes about tomorrow. Regis acted towards Lileks as all French diplomats acted towards Bush Administration people throughout the fall of 2002 and the spring of 2003. It wasn’t pretty, but it should inspire Lileks to some pretty good writing in tomorrow’s Bleat. Basically, Regis confirmed that the French would vote overwhelmingly for Kerry if given the choice. We knew that, but hearing it confirmed by a senior French journalist somehow makes Kerry’s politics much more distinct.

I maintain that the most devastating one-liner the Bush campaign could use would go something like this: “John Kerry–the French love him, and the feeling is mutual.”