Kill Your Television

Andrew Sullivan on the Democratic Convention — a few choice lines:

Tightly scripted, elegantly choreographed, seamlessly on the centrist message of war, unity, maturity and judgment.

. . .military service was held up as the ideal; prudent leadership was touted in a time of “peril”. . .

I never actually believed [Kerry would] be canny enough to do exactly that. But he has!

A vital move. And it was done movingly and well.

I had a catch in my throat as “Amazing Grace” struck up, and another as I absorbed the fact that a Muslim-American and a Jewish-American had just joined in tribute to the murdered.

The cultural signals were superbly done as well.

We were constantly reminded that Kerry would attack in his aluminum boat, rather than be merely defensive.

Kerry is as tough as Bush – but with “judgment and maturity.”

Carter’s was the better speech, but Clinton was magnificent.

If the constitution didn’t prevent it, [Clinton] would still be president. After last night’s speech, you can see why.

That’s not analysis; it’s unadulterated gushing. And it flies in the face of Andrew’s claim yesterday that his not-quite-endorsement of Kerry wasn’t really a not-quite-endorsement.