The Kennedy Battallion Alone Numbers In The Hundreds

As Den Beste says, you just can’t make up stuff like this.

Security officers won’t be the only professionals coming to Boston in unprecedented numbers for the Democratic National Convention.

Practitioners of the world’s oldest profession are seeking reinforcements to help service some of the 35,000 visitors — plus untold numbers of police reinforcements — expected in the coming week when Democrats name Sen. John Kerry their presidential candidate.

“Every convention brings in more people, and women fly in from all over the country to work it,” said Robyn Few, a prostitute on probation who runs the Sex Workers Outreach Project, an advocacy group.

“There will be girls from California and from the South in Boston this week,” she said. “I hope a lot of women make a lot of money and make a lot of men really happy.”

Come to think of it, the Democrats could probably do worse than bringing Few’s collegues onto the fiscal subcommittee for their convention platform. To borrow an old line from Dave Sim, there isn’t a hooker alive who can abide giving credit.