This Is Why The Blogosphere Rocks

I read on Sgt. Stryker that Chief Wiggles’ Operation Give project was having a serious problem with an shipping company here in Atlanta. Dean Esmay posted yesterday with details and a plea for help. So I dutifully composed a post to put up here asking for help from the Vodkasphere.

That took me about 10 minutes, and you’ll note that you haven’t actually read that post yet. That’s ’cause by the time I got to double-checking the links, I found out the problem has already been resolved–after weeks of back-and-forth between Operation Give and the shipping line. In Dean’s words,

Jesus, the power of the Internet. Weeks of banging heads wondering what to do, then just a couple of postings on the internet and BLAMMO. It’s stunning.

To quote two great Western philosophers, uh huh huh, this is cool. Major kudos to everybody who straightened this thing out. If you’re here in town, your drinks are on me.