So it has happened:

The same fate that Nick Berg suffered in Iraq has befallen Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia.

The al-Qaida group that kidnapped Johnson posted a statement on an Islamic Web site saying it has killed him. It’s also displaying photos of what it says is his beheaded body.

Al-Arabiya satellite network first aired word that the American contractor had been killed. U.S. officials have not yet confirmed the report.


I feared as much. Other than that, I’ve run out of words.

How many more of these atrocities before they cease being tragedies, and instead become statistics? Keep an eye on the usual “anti-war” suspects for details.

UPDATE: Looking for the Paul Johnson video? You’ll find this one more informative. It shows how our enemies treat each other. Doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what they’d do to us, given the chance.

NOTE: Lockheed-Martin, Paul Johnson’s employer, also employs my bride and occassional VodkaPundit co-blogger Will Collier.

UPDATE: James Joyner has much more.


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