Three Out of Four?

Is there more progress in Saudi Arabia? Perhaps — but there’s less to this story than meets the eye:

Six Saudi preachers seen as influential with Islamist extremists yesterday denounced attacks on westerners as a “grave sin” under Islam.

“The bombings and killings have revolted people and hurt individuals and their property, and no one with the slightest knowledge of Islam can doubt that this is an atrocious crime and grave sin,” they said in a statement carried by Saudi media.


If you read down a little further, you’ll see that the clerics said that “those who killed non-Muslims resident among Muslims would not go to heaven.”

Let me see if I have this right.

Killing infidels who live in the Holy Land is bad. Why? Well, one explanation is the respectable and commendable Islamic rules of hospitality. Another, less charitable explanation, is that infidels are allowed into Saudi for only three reasons:

To do actual work, which Saudi men won’t do and Saudi women aren’t allowed to do.

To defend the Saudi kingdom, which Saudi men are mostly incapable of doing.

And. . . um. . . maybe to serve as fluff girls or something.

So. Killing infidels is bad manners. And could also lead to the collapse of the Saudi economy, and/or the end of the Saudi government, and/or a total lack of blow jobs for Saudi princes not currently abroad.

Any way you look at it, it must be a sin.


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