Domestic Disturbance

It’s 12:27 Tuesday morning. This post is in real time — most of the latenight stuff I write, I write between 10pm and midnight, then adjust it to East Coast Time so it will show up on the “right” day on the blog.


But not this post. I’m writing it at 12:27, and it is 12:27.

There’s a leak. A water leak. In the utility closet. It’s loud and it’s spraying and shutting off the water main hasn’t stopped the loudness or the spraying.

Did what little I could to try and fix it, then called the utility company. They’re sending someone over “as soon as possible” which, I hope, means “sometime before Thursday.” Then I woke up my bride to tell her not to panic if someone rings the doorbell at some godawful hour. Told her what was going on, and that I hoped that “they’d get it fixed before you try and take a shower tomorrow morning.”

What followed was much concurrence on the poopy-ness of not being able to shower before work. What followed that was the puppy sitting on me and licking my face.

Meanwhile, there’s still an awful lot of water coming into my basement. Good news is, the drain — located rather smartly right below the new leak — is keeping up with the spray.

Let’s hope my sanity does, too.

UPDATE: It’s now 12:58am, and the problem is fixed. Colorado Springs Utilities got someone out here in about 15 minutes, and ten minutes later he’d replaced the faulty bit. Not too shabby.



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