It's (Not) a Black Thing

Reader Eric Morisset forwarded this Denver Post column by former Broncos player Reggie Rivers:

Our military is one of the last bastions of slavery in the United States. At the moment, our slaves are stuck in a combat zone, getting killed and maimed, and there’s nothing they can do about it except hunker down and pray.

Yes, our slaves signed up of their own free will, but most of them were as misled about their job as the rest of us were about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And I don’t think “slave” is too strong a word to describe someone who is not permitted to quit his job no matter how dangerous it becomes or how much he hates it. For most of us, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery and guaranteed that we have the right to withhold our labor.


Will anyone call Rivers out for slighting our soldiers by calling them slaves? Of course not — Rivers is black (and apparently liberal), and therefore can say anything he likes about slavery.

Wonder what would have happened if (black and conservative columnist) Walter Williams had called Rivers’ last contract with the Broncos “highly-paid slave labor”? After all, it’s not like his contract allowed him to just walk away in the middle of a big game.



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