Required Reading

The first two grafs:

The new Socialist government in Spain has caved in to the terrorist threats and withdrawn its troops from Iraq. So have Honduras and the Dominican Republic. They are unlikely to be the last. With the security situation expected to worsen before it improves, we have to accept that a few more countries–which do not appreciate how much the world has at stake in building a free Iraq–will also cut and run.

No matter how the retreating governments try to spin it, every time a country pulls out of Iraq it is al Qaeda and other extremists who win. They draw the conclusion that the coalition of the willing is weak and that the more terrorist outrages, the more countries will withdraw.


Now it’s time for a quiz. Who wrote this piece? Was it:

A) A blood-thirsty warblogger.

B) An impassioned neocon.

C) Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jose Ramos-Horta.

The correct answer — duh — is C. Now go read the whole thing.

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