A Dozen Questions

I want answers:

When the anti-war people argued against going into Iraq, when did they use the prospect of prisoner abuse as a reason not to invade?

Not having made that point last year or the year before, why do they now argue with an I-told-you-so attitude?

The British invented the concentration camp, as a way of dealing with enemy women and children during the Boer Wars. Germany invented the industrial death factory. France invented the modern subjugation of Arab lands by Western powers. Are these the reasons why Europeans are screaming so loudly today about “mere” (by their own inventive standards) psychological abuse?

The first court-martial for abuse of Iraqi prisoners will begin in less than two weeks. The Nuremburg Trials took less than two years to convene. Already, some are calling for the removal (if not impeachment) of President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Why, almost 50 years after far worse atrocities in Algeria, has France still not put Charles de Gaulle on trial?

In fact, France let de Gaulle create and lead the Fifth Republic. Given the situation in Algeria, why?

French lawyer Jacques Verges leapt at the chance to act as defense councilor for Saddam Hussein. Famous attorneys



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