We Don't Need No Educators

Unlike too many NEA drones in this country, Iranian teachers seem to actually care about liberty. Read:

Several teachers have been arrested at the issue of their first day of strike and rallies in front of the regime’s Ministry of Education. Arrests were made in Tehran, Esfahan and Hamedan by the plainclothes agents of the regime who were identifying the activists.

While thousands of teachers defied the official threats by striking and not organizing their courses, many of them used this first day to gather and to shout slogans against the regime’s officials and policies by requesting an immediate follow up of their conditions.

The exasperated demonstrators were shouting: “ta eghdam e assassi, na class na darsi” (No class and no course, till proper measures), “Etessab, Etessab” (Strike, Strike), “Hokoomat e adl e ali, in hame bi edalati” (Regime of justice and so much injustice), “Vazir e bi kefayat, estefa, estefa” (Incompetent Minister, Resign, Resign), “Majless e be in bi liaghati hargez nadide mellati” (A parliament with so little competence, no nation has ever seen), “Moalem mimirad, Zelat nemipazirad” (Teacher will die but won’t accept submission), “Dirooz sokoot, emrooz faryad, farda…” (Yesterday silence, today slogan, tomorrow…).

In most schools, many teachers and supportive students didn’t show up or didn’t organize regular classes and spoke about the deteriorating situation of the country.


The whole story is here.


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