A Worthy Cause

Attention: Rocky Mountain bloggers and blog readers. Jeff Goldstein and I are assigning you a mission. You will choose to accept it.

Yeah, Walter & Co. have put together a fine party for us all at the historic Denver Press Club next month. But what’s a party without some real-live rock’n’rollers to help trash the (newly-restored) joint?


Which is why we’re asking you to help us persuade Ken Layne, and maybe even each and every Corvid, to travel to Denver for the bash.

If need be, we’ll pass the collection plate around for airfare, or gas money, or all-green M&Ms, or hookers, or whatever it is alt-country/alt-rockers are scrounging for these days.

Want to help? Want to meet Ken Layne and the Corvids in person? Leave a comment here or at Jeff’s, and we’ll pass your kind words, pleadings, promises of hard currency, whatever, over to Ken.

And if it doesn’t pan out, please remember that it was all Jeff’s idea.

UPDATE: Turns out, Andy is the evil mastermind, pulling strings behind the scenes.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jeff begs and pleads better than I do. Of course, he’s been married longer.


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