Sharp End of the Stick

More on the problem of declining morale in the US Army:

Despite months of action and hundreds of casualties, the combat divisions that fought in Iraq have met their recruiting goals, re-enlisting more of their troops than they normally do. The 101st Airborne division, which took part in the march on Baghdad, and then pacified northern Iraq, exceeded it’s re-enlistment goals by seven percent. The 4th Infantry division, which occupied part of the Sunni Triangle and captured Saddam Hussein, exceeded it’s goals by 20 percent. The 82nd Airborne Division, which has had brigades in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a few percent short of its goals, but expects to make that up by the end of the year. Overall, the army has achieved 99 percent of its re-enlistment goals (which are based on past experience), and attracted 100 percent of the new recruits it needs. Standards for new recruits have been raised, meaning that more people were trying to get in than the army could handle.


Oops — did I say declining morale?


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