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In response to this post, one reader comments:

Clarke seems to have some serious resume inflation going on–the national coordinator for counterterrorism during 3 administrations? First, he’s a career civil servant, second, he’s on the staff of the NSC, third, under Clinton he’s made the coordinator for counterterrorism–a new position–and they let him run the principals meetings regarding counterterrorism. Under Bush (43), he was proposed the higher level authority that such a title suggests, but was denied as it conflicted with the responsibilities of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the SecDef regarding military advise to the President, and the SecState regarding diplomatic initiatives. And if his “responsibilities” were really that great, then he needs to take responsibility for 9/11, but since he’s just finger pointing, it looks like he’s just a career civil servant after all.


Wish I’d said that.


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