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Delay of Game

Ralph Peters:

This isn't a normal election year. We are at war. While many domestic issues deserve debate, the War on Terror demands unity of purpose from both parties. It is essential that our enemies understand that we're united in fighting terrorism.

That's not the message we're sending.

While this week's "9/11 hearings" on Capitol Hill are useful to a degree, they're poorly timed. Both parties hope for political gain, while our paramount goal should be protecting our country.

The worst election-year sin is the focus on past errors, real or purported, and the lust to assign blame. What's done is done. We need to concentrate - hard - on the future.

Unfortunately, serious thinking about the threat is on hold until November. We need the best that both parties have to offer. Instead, we get the worst. Winning elections trumps defending our citizens.

Read the whole thing.