Berlin-Paris-Beijing Axis?

More short-sightedness from our European friends:

Our European allies might well approve plans to sell China advanced weaponry at the March 25-26 European Union summit that begins today.

The repercussions would be disastrous. Not only could China use new weapons from Europe against Taiwan, but Chinese generals have said they’re prepared to confront U.S. forces in the Pacific if America tries to help Taiwan.

Why would NATO allies put the United States in this position? Money is one reason. But European commentators suspect that France and China want to build a multipolar alliance to counter American “hegemony.”


That’s not to say America’s history in selling arms to tyrants is exactly stellar. The best thing to say in our defense is that our sales were usually aimed at propping up anti-Communist thugs — in the Philippines, Indonesia, the Shah’s Iran, etc. — in support of the broader fight to contain the USSR.

Europe, it seems, would rather cozy up to Beijing in an attempt to “contain” the US.

Well, if they think we can be difficult to work with, wait’ll they try to get something contructive accomplished with the People’s Republic.


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