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Required Reading

Today's is Fred C. Gardner in the New York Post. Here's a taste:

THE talking heads claim that Sen. John Kerry "owns" the Vietnam- veteran vote - because he's one of us.

Evoking Shakespeare, he refers to us as his "Band of Brothers." Well, he's one of us, but he doesn't own us, or our vote.

Not mine, anyway.

I don't know which John Kerry to believe: John Kerry the war hero - or John Kerry the war protester.

The more I learn about Kerry, the more he puzzles me; the more he scares me.

He served in river-patrol craft, the Swift boats - as did I, briefly, in 1967. So I know first-hand how dangerous the missions were.

By most accounts he performed admirably - bravely.

Then he came home, denounced his service and spread tales of atrocities that never happened. In doing so, he smeared good men who deserved much better.

Now go read the rest.