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In response to my comment (“I’m sure people looking for Internet copies of the video will — sadly — create the biggest video Google since Daniel Pearl’s murder”) about the suicide bomber footage, one reader writes:


I disagree with the tone of your comment. It makes me feel that the only reason somebody would get it is for some kind of “sick fun”. I am sure there are a lot of people who download it exactly for this reason (just see the huge interest in the German cannibal case…) But there are other reasons. Yes, I downloaded the Daniel Pearl video, and I still have it. But I didn’t get it to watch it over and over, and definitely not because I enjoy it. I have it (and others) to show people who doesn’t realise what they are protecting. The problem is that people in the West have no clue how cruel the world outside is. Reading or hearing about a blown off leg, a bloody torso, or a severed head, is completely different from actually seeing one. Until people haven’t confronted evil, they don’t know what evil is.

I stand corrected.

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It is easy to protect the Palestinian Arabs that they are fighting a just war. But once you show the naysayers the pictures, the actual outcome of the Palestinian Arabs’ actions, then it becomes far harder to protect them. Images and videos should be shown on news so the world knows whom we are facing.


I have the same problem talking with people who have some kind of “affection” to the Communist ideas (I am from an ex satellite of the Soviet Union). Whatever I say, they just shake their heads and don’t believe it since with a sane mind, they just don’t make sense. Sometimes I say “really, so you think Cuba is great? Then go and live there *AS A CUBAN* and give up your western citizenship”. Of course, nobody will do it. But unless people actually confront evil, especially one they support, they don’t know how horrific it is. Showing videos of the immediate aftermath of genocide bombing is one way to force people to face evil.


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