From the Horse's. . .

Famed anti-war Libertarian Justin Raimondo writes:

You and all your little yuppie “new wave” liberventionists are really just neocons who want to legalize pot. The Libertarian rank-and-file can see through all the slick rationalzations — Everything’s changed! We have to “libertarianize” the Empire! Gay bars in Riyadh! — and fully realize that you, and Glenn Reynolds, are no more “libertarian” than than the neo-Trotskyites over at the American Enterprise Institute.

Oh, but you’ve got Neal Boortz on your side. Wow! What a plus that is. But somehow, I think, us “old school” libertarians will manage to retain our ideological (and moral) compass.

You — take over? Forget it, bub.


If that’s what passes for reasoned discourse with the Big-L Libertarians (I think you’ll agree my original essay was pretty darn reasonable). . .

. . . well then, it’s really no wonder that the movement, such as it is, remains such a dismal and marginal failure.

Groucho Marx joked that he wouldn’t join any club that would have him as a member. That’s cute when a Vaudeville comedian says it, but rather pathetic when it’s the modus operandi of an entire political party.


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