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Roll Call

ABC News did us all a service and organized the alleged (?) beneficiaries of Saddam's oil slush fund by country.

(Click on the MORE button below to see the whole thing.)

The two Americans listed are Samir Vincent and Shakir Alkhalaji. A quick Google turned up nothing on Alkhalaji, but Vincent earned some fame in 2000 as one of the Iraqi exiles of 1958 who wanted the sanctions lifted, calling them a "political dead end."

Strangely enough, Vincent also worked with Jack Kemp's Empower America last year, on a program aimed at (I swear I'm not making this up) creating some kind of a "Marshall Plan" for California.

And while I don't know if this means anything, a lot of his Google hits were in French.

The guy gets around.


The Companies of the Russian Communist Party: 137 million

The Companies of the Liberal Democratic Party: 79.8 million

The Russian Committee for Solidarity with Iraq: 6.5 million and 12.5 million (2 separate contracts)

Head of the Russian Presidential Cabinet: 90 million

The Russian Orthodox Church: 5 million


Charles Pasqua, former minister of interior: 12 million

Trafigura (Patrick Maugein), businessman: 25 million

Ibex: 47.2 million

Bernard Merimee, former French ambassador to the United Nations: 3 million

Michel Grimard, founder of the French-Iraqi Export Club: 17.1 million


Firas Mostafa Tlass, son of Syria's defense minister: 6 million


Zeynel Abidin Erdem: more than 27 million

Lotfy Doghan: more than 11 million


Megawati Sukarnoputri: 11 million


Ali Ballout, Lebanese journalist: 8.8 million


The Socialist Party: 22 million

Kostunica's Party: 6 million


Arthur Millholland, president and CEO of Oilexco: 9.5 million


Father Benjamin, a French Catholic priest who arranged a meeting between the pope and Tariq Aziz: 4.5 million

Roberto Frimigoni: 24.5 million

United States

Samir Vincent: 7 million

Shakir Alkhalaji: 10.5 million

United Kingdom

George Galloway, member of Parliament: 19 million

Mujaheddin Khalq: 36.5 million

South Africa

Tokyo Saxwale: 4 million


Shaker bin Zaid: 6.5 million

The Jordanian Ministry of Energy: 5 million

Fawaz Zureikat: 6 million

Toujan Al Faisal, former member of Parliament: 3 million


The son of President Lahoud: 5.5 million


Khaled Abdel Nasser: 16.5 million

Emad Al Galda, businessman and Parliament member: 14 million

Palestinian Territories

The Palestinian Liberation Organization: 4 million

Abu Al Abbas: 11.5 million


Hamad bin Ali Al Thany: 14 million


Prime Minister Shukri Ghanem: 1 million


Foreign minister of Chad: 3 million


The October 8th Movement: 4.5 million

Myanmar (Burma)

The minister of the Forests of Myanmar: 5 million


The Social Democratic Party: 8.5 million

The Communist Party: 6 million

The Socialist Party: 2 million

The FTD oil company: 2 million