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Internet security experts found a new version of the Mydoom computer virus, dubbed the Mydoom.B, that evades detection measures for the original virus, Finland’s F-Secure said.

“The new virus has been modified so that the original Mydoom anti-virus protection does not detect it,” Mikko Hyppoenen, director of F-Secure’s anti-virus division, told AFP.

“It is in the wild, and computers are getting infected, but so far in less numbers than by the original Mydoom virus,” he added.


Norton AntiVirus has already intercepted 20+ infected emails today, not including the many more sent to dummy addresses on my server. We having fun yet? Wait — it gets better:

In addition it has a new feature, rendering it impossible to access websites of several anti-virus software firms from infected computers, he said.

Update your AV software before you get hit.


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