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Looking for ways to secure a Democratic victory in November, Timothy Noah says a Republican Ralph Nader would do the trick:

Chatterbox thinks the best bet for a third-party candidacy would be someone like the Rev. James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family. Christian fundamentalists have the funding base to sustain a third-party candidacy, while at the same time they aren’t so numerous as to risk actually putting a Dobson in the Oval Office. And it’s laughably easy to stoke their alienation from the mainstream culture. One tack might be to get them even more riled up than they already are about gay marriage. Democrats could campaign more overtly for repeal of the idiotic and bigoted Defense of Marriage Act, thereby clearing the way for interstate recognition of gay marriage. Bush would denounce this, but probably not as loudly as the Christian right would want him to.


What frightens me about Noah’s suggestion is the idea of having to see Dobson on the news every night. It’s bad enough I have to share my beautiful city with him.


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