One Hand Washes

Odd item:

Democratic presidential candidates John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich have struck a deal to support each other should one candidate fail to draw the minimum support needed to compete in Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, Edwards campaign sources said.


So how does their mutual defense pact work? Read on:

In the first round of Iowa’s Democratic precinct caucuses, starting Monday at 6:30 p.m. CT, voters divide into groups to register their support for a particular candidate. A candidate’s group must have at least 15 percent of the people in attendance for the candidate to be considered “viable.” Supporters of candidates who are not considered viable must join another group.

Edwards and Kucinich have agreed that in any Iowa precinct where either candidate fails to garner the minimum needed to survive the first round, their supporters are urged to line up for the other candidate, Kucinich spokesman David Swanson said.

In other words, Kucinich will turn over his peope to Edwards.

Now, it could be a smart move for Edwards, especially in districts where is support is hovering around the 15% level. The risky part is, should Edwards become the nominee, Karl Rove & Co. now have the opportunity to hang Kucinich around Edwards’ neck.

And what does Kucinich get out of it? He probably thought it sounded like “a nice idea.”


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