Added Protection

Also from StrategyPage comes a report of our troops’ adaptibility in the field:

Since the heavy combat in Iraq ended last April, American troops have been improvising additional protection for their unarmored vehicles. One of these efforts has become something of a standard. Capt. Darryl M. Butler, an engineer officer for the 354th Civil Affairs Brigade (attached to the 1st Armored Division) developed a armor kit for Humvees. A half ton of steel plate, cut into 25 precisely measured pieces, is attached to a Humvee to provide protection from fragments (from bombs and shells). Called the MPAH (Modified Protection for un-Armored Humvees) kit, nearly fifty have been installed and several hundred more kits have been ordered. Unofficially it’s called “The Butler Mobile,” The kits are being made and installed (under Captain Butler’s supervision) by Iraqi contractors.


I’ll be driving on Academy in the snow tomorrow. Any chance of getting a similar kit for my Sebring?


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