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Minega Isibo emailed from Kigali, Rwanda:

Just wanted to tell you that Romeo Dallaire – who was head of UN peacekeeping forces in Rwanda before and during the 1994 genocide – has finally written his account of the affair. Here is one review. Apparently it is only available in Canada so far, but it’s selling pretty well so it should be everywhere soon. The world should never forget what happened here and how the UN stood by idly while the French actively helped the killers. This is a story that needs to be told again and again until the entire world understands the magnitude of the horror and learns how ineffective the UN is (I dont think they need any telling about how evil the French government is!)


We always need more telling about the evil French government, Minego!

Now, do we have any Canadian readers here with a copy of Shake Hands with the Devil?



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