Lazy Blogging

I really, really want to fisk the latest hate-filled crap from Harold Meyerson. But I’ve been drinking wine tonight instead of vodka, and I’m much too into the whole Thanksgiving spirit.


So instead, I’ll give you a little to go on. . .

It’s time again to overeat and commemorate the Pilgrims coming to these shores to build their democratic theocracy and share some grub with the natives. The natives, we all know, didn’t make out so well as the European conquest progressed, but that, at least, was then.

Or was it? In fact, right now, in the opening years of the 21st century, Europeans are still coming here to exploit the American workforce.

The irony is that these European-based global enterprises are the kind of model corporate citizen over there that has all but vanished over here. In Europe, they pay their workers decently, tend to health and safety concerns and actually encourage their employees to unionize.

. . . and let you read the rest and fisk it yourselves.

The bar is open. Click on the Drinks and have at him.


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