Required Reading

I don’t normally link to partisan grandstanding, but in this case the Democrats started it.

So today’s Required Reading is an op-ed from Kansas Republican Senator (and Select Intelligence Committee member) Pat Roberts:


Committee staff members have reviewed thousands of pages of documents and interviewed more than 100 analysts and experts. It is probably the most comprehensive review of intelligence since the creation of the committee in 1976. Notwithstanding this monumental effort, Democrats have been calling for an expansion of the committee’s review to include the “use” of intelligence by Bush administration policymakers.

While this sounds reasonable on the surface, it conceals a more nefarious intent. A memo written by the committee’s Democratic staff, revealed in the press last week, makes clear that the minority’s goal is to prejudge and use the committee’s review and what the memo describes as “vague notions regarding the use of intelligence” to “castigate” the Republican members of the committee and conduct a partisan attack on the president. I will not allow this to happen.

As the Prof says, read the whole thing.


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