The non-existent Axis of Evil is at it again:

Syria, with help from North Korea, Iran and China, is completing construction of underground storage and launch facilities for its arsenal of over a thousand SCUD missiles. Armed with 1,000 pound high explosive and cluster bomb warheads, the missiles have ranges of 500-700 kilometers. Syria also has some 90 older Russian Frog-7 missiles (70 kilometer range, 1000 pound warhead) and 210 more modern Russian SS-21 missiles (120 kilometer range, payload 1000 pound warhead) operating with mobile launchers. There are also 60 mobile SCUD launchers. The Syrians have a large network of camouflaged launching sites for the mobile launchers. Iran and North Korea have also helped Syria build underground SCUD manufacturing and maintenance facilities.


Nope, no Axis here.


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