Too Bad "Marathon Man" Was a Dustin Hoffman Flick

So the California gubernatorial recall election has been delayed until March.

I’m sure by now you’ve read the Ninth Circuit Court’s reasoning (and with the Ninth, the word “reasoning” usually ought to be used with scare quotes), and have already formed your own opinion. But mine is usually funnier, or at least more offbeat, so keep reading.


Let’s admit right off that the Ninth’s ruling was a completely partisan decision. Any delay helps Gray Davis (or is it Davis Gray?). The economy (even California’s) is improving. State coffers will soon be refilling (even though not enough to make up for California’s 38-billion dollar spendthrift ways). The point is, things will be much improved by next March, and Davis (or Gray), will take much of the credit. “A rising tide lifts all horses in mid-term,” or somesuch metaphorically mixed political silliness.

And if I ever again use that many parenthetical phrases in a single paragraph, please feel free to do things to my knuckle-hair follicles with an ice pick. Or perhaps maybe just send me a silly email. Your choice


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