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Late II

The American Mind points to some good economic sense (for a change) coming out of the Bush Administration:

Treasury Secretary John W. Snow, Commerce Secretary Don Evans and other economic advisors want President Bush to roll back tariffs he imposed on $3 billion in steel imports, people familiar with the matter said.

Bush's economic team will argue that the tariffs ended up hurting U.S. manufacturers such as Caterpillar Inc. more than they helped steelmakers such as U.S. Steel Corp., said administration officials and outside advisors who requested anonymity.

"They understand they've done more political and economic harm than good," said Stephen Moore, president of the Washington-based Club for Growth, the second-biggest funding source for Republicans after the party itself. "It's really damaged the administration's free-trade credentials."

I had my say on this in March of last year.

And check out The American Mind this afternoon while you're surfing. It's a new-to-me blog, and a good one at that.