50 Things To Do Before You Die

Slum through Europe
Skydive solo without a static line
Drink your age in Jell-O shots*
Own a classic convertible*
Total said convertible, walk away, and laugh*
Buy a bottle of the real Absinthe
Pilot an airplane
Change careers*
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge*
Have sex in public without getting caught*
Get caught
Do something regrettable in Vegas*
Fail completely at something big*
Succeed at something even bigger*
Make a pass at a clergyman or woman
Have kids and love them to death
Change a stranger’s flat tire
Join an improv comedy troupe*
Build a fort*
Ride in a hot air balloon
Spend a day at a spa
Sneak into a movie*
Have a drink thrown in your face*
Jump in a river/lake/ocean fully dressed*
Win over a hostile crowd*
Spend a summer as a Renaissance Fair geek
Drive from coast to coast
Laugh because it hurts*
Eat at a diner called “Mom’s”
Look for buried treasure
Learn how to paint
Comfort someone who is dying*
Commit all seven deadly sins in one afternoon*
Take ballroom dance lessons
Smack Carson Daly with a brick
Buy a $500 bottle of wine
Drink a $500 bottle of wine*
Roll down a hill of freshly-cut grass*
As an adult*
Pilfer office supplies*
Get a pedicure
See a movie at a drive-in*
Get a tattoo in the Philippines
50 over the posted limit*
Do something gentlemanly for a hooker*
Eat all the green M&Ms
Abuse your authority
Be subpoenaed by Congress
Try for four in one night after age 30*
Sleep in until at least Tuesday*


*Denotes completed item.


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