Try Kissing the Hand That Feeds You

From the Beeb:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visited an air force base and told pilots he believed they were ready to “beat back the enemy any time,” the state news agency reports.

The visit came as a senior North Korean diplomat said the outcome of the war in Iraq had made his country determined to defend itself against a possible United States attack.

“The result of the Iraq war gives the DPRK [North Korea] a kind of determination and the will to take assured measures to defend its territory against possible US attacks,” Han Song-ryol told a seminar in Cambridge, in the US.

It was believed to be the first time North Korea had commented on the outcome of the war in Iraq, which like the Stalinist state, also falls into Washington’s “axis of evil”.


Song-ryol added that “victory will be swift and certain, assuming our troops are fed and our tanks have diesel. So please keep sending all that grain and oil, m’kay?”


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