Not Getting It Department

I’ll let you take on this Tom Harkin statement in the comments section, because I just don’t have the stomach for it. Here goes:

The relatively quick fall of Baghdad shows that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was a “paper tiger” rather than a major threat to world peace, Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa said Thursday.

“What we were told and what you saw in the press last fall and earlier this year is that he had a massive war machine,” said Harkin, the most outspoken critic of the war in Iraq among members of the Iowa congressional delegation.

“It looks now like this was just a Third World country – there were people fighting with tennis shoes on, on the Iraqi side,” Harkin told reporters. “I don’t know what else we’re going to find, but they didn’t fly even one airplane in the air. They had almost nothing.

“So if they were that weak, where we could just roll over them like that, tell me again how he was such a big threat in the past?” the senator added.




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