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Bush Is Hitler

My bride forwarded this Army email to me, regarding an anti-war protest planned this weekend here in Colorado Springs:

The Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission/Southern Colorado Coalition Against War are holding a permitted rally/march at Memorial Park located at the intersection of N. Union Blvd. and E. Pikes Peak. This rally/march is scheduled to take place at 1200 on Sunday, 13 April 03. However, other intelligence sources have indicated this protest may be held on 12 April 03. Previous MO of this group indicates the possibility 500 to 2000 protestors may gather at their initial rally point. It is unknown if they are expected to show up at local military installations. Furthermore, it is possible that participants in the gathering could be associated with known extremist group that have thrown rocks and disrupted traffic in the past. Avoiding this area or any groups that might show up elsewhere is the safest course of action.

Read that last line again. "Avoiding this area or any groups that might show up elsewhere is the safest course of action."

In Amerikkka, shouldn't the Army be rounding up those protestors and putting them in camps, rather than simply avoiding them?