It's That Simple

By now I’m sure you’ve read this story:

American Special Operations forces today rescued Pfc. Jessica Lynch of the Army from Nasiriya, Iraq, where she had been held captive since March 23.

Private Lynch, 19, of Palestine, W. Va., was found in the Saddam Hospital in Nasiriya, which was also being used as an Iraqi military facility, a Central Command official said. She was one of 15 members of the 507th Ordnance Maintenance Company, which was attacked by Iraqi forces after taking a wrong turn off a highway in southern-central Iraq as American troops advanced toward Nasiriya on the first Sunday of the war.

“Coalition forces have conducted a successful rescue mission of a U.S. Army prisoner of war held captive in Iraq,” Brig. Gen Vince Brooks, Central Command’s deputy director of operations, said early this morning. “The soldier has been returned to a coalition-controlled area.”


We bring our people home, damnit.


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