Battle (Not Yet) Joined

Elements of the high-tech 4th Infantry Division (Digitized)* are arriving in Kuwait. FNC has the story:

The first three ships carrying the 4th Infantry Division’s equipment — a force that will encompass more than 30,000 troops, 500 armored vehicles and 18 attack helicopters — arrived Tuesday in this Kuwaiti port for unloading.

A total of 30 ships carrying some of the world’s most sophisticated military hardware will arrive in the coming days, but it won’t face immediate battle: The port can handle only five ships at a time, and each ship takes two to three days to unload. Helicopters have to be reassembled, and weapons need to be tested before being certified combat-ready.

“We could be on the battlefield in a matter of weeks,” said Brig. Gen. Stephen Speakes, assistant division commander for support.

Speakes said parts of the division could go into battle without waiting for all its troops and equipment to arrive. Already 5,000 soldiers from the division have arrived by plane to Kuwait in recent days.


Well, the war got off to a “rolling start,” so I don’t see any reason why 4ID can’t, too. Although it would be a shame to waste their combat power by feeding in elements of the division in anything under brigade strength.

Soon enough, we’ll know.

NOTE: I know some guys in 3rd Brigade, based here in Colorado Springs at Fort Carson. Come home safe and soon, fellas.

*Yes, I know the official designation is “4th Infantry Division (Mechanized).” But with all their cool toys, the paranthetical might as well say “digitized.”


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