Editorial Slant

Look at the front page of the Washington Post, and you see there’s a war on — with all the expected confusion, setbacks, and victories. Read the front page of the New York Times, and you’d think we’re getting our asses kicked from Mosul to Basrah.


Here’s all the news that’s fit to print, according to Raines & Co.:

Hail of Gunfire and Grenades Forces Apaches to Pull Back

Fighting Continues in Nasiriya, Nicknamed ‘Ambush Alley’

20 Americans Dead or Missing After Day of Sharp Clashes

From Hussein, Defiance and Praise for His Troops

Wounded U.S. Soldiers Flown to Germany

Annan Seeks Urgent Steps to Get Water to Basra

Dow Falls Sharply Amid Fears of Prolonged War

Reading that, Manhattanites must be wondering how long before Saddam is dictating surrender terms.


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