Disinformation Campaign?

So the first air raid was held during daylight hours — contrary to doctrine, experience, and all expectations.

By all rights, the Iraqi leadership meeting at that “target of opportunity” must have thought they were safe. The war hadn’t officially started yet, and everybody knows the Americans with their magic planes always come first at night.


Who, if anyone, important did we get? We might not know until it’s all over. That could be in hours, if we killed Saddam; in days if we didn’t; and in weeks if we decided to starve out Baghdad.

Or we may never know. War is like that.

Whatever the case, Bush pulled a bold, risky move — and it seems right now that our pilots got away without loss. Remember: Those bold, risky moves mean our troops must be bold and our troops must take the risk.

Once joined, it can be difficult to control a battle. The Iraqis will try to move now, and we can’t afford to let them. So although Bush might have wanted to make this strike a one-time hit before the Big Event, it might prove impossible to keep it stuck halfway in.

More to follow.


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