The Afghan Winter

News from the Forgotten Front, from StrategyPage:

The US does not expect the Taliban and al Qaeda to launch the long feared “Spring Offensive.” The reason is simple, both organizations have been hammered over the Winter, and captured documents and interrogations of captives indicates that neither organization is in very good shape. Even with their camps in Pakistan providing a measure of sanctuary, the Taliban and al Qaeda fighters still do not feel ready to wage offensive operations against American troops.


Yes, that dreaded Afghan winter surely was hell on the troops — just not on our troops. Nor does it seem that all the military and diplomatic preparations for Iraq have distracted us from “the real war” against al Qaeda.

THOUGHT: Why is it those who warned us immediately after 9/11 that we couldn’t wage war against a non-state terror organization, now tell us it’s the only thing we can wage war against right now?


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