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This Is All Tongue-in-Cheek, Right?

This Is All Tongue-in-Cheek, Right?

Andrew Dodge attacks the Prof again! From today's DodgeBlog:

It would be most amusing to find out that the way of getting brownie points with the Prof, if your[sic] his student, is to put in a few hours surfing the net for good stuff. That would explain some of the eclectic nature of some of the links.

Andrew, what about the eclectic nature of the stuff you'll find right here? I don't have any students, just too much free time and too big a mouth. It can be done as a solo effort, especially when you have Glenn's readership. He gets a lot of emails from people with tips.

In fact, I seem to recall a little brouhaha between Andrew and the Prof about that very issue not so long ago...

I think someone is playing class clown, trying to get teacher's attention again.