Read the Whole Thing

Why we read Krauthammer:

A man who has no use–let alone no feel–for colorblindness has no business being a leader of the conservative party. True, if Lott is ousted, he might resign from the Senate and allow his seat to go Democratic, thus jeopardizing Republican control of the Senate and undoing the great Republican electoral triumph of 2002.

So be it. There is a principle at stake here. Better to lose the Senate than to lose your soul. New elections come around every two years. Souls are scarcer.

Since I’m not much of a Republican or a conservative, I’m perhaps even less concerned than Krauthammer about the Senate Republican majority — although as a hawk, I see it generally as a mostly good thing. But Lott has got to go.

Just one quibble. Early in the piece, Krauthammer identifies Pat Buchanan as a Goldwater Republican. Please. Buchanan was once a Nixon Republican, with all the negative connotations you can think of. Now Pitchfork Pat exists at the fringe of fringes, where the Loony Left and Radical Right become as one.

Let’s not tarnish Barry’s mostly-perfect legacy with Buchanan’s stink.

UPDATE: Predictably, Jonah Goldberg disagrees with Krauthammer on the bigger issue dividing neo, paleo, and traditional conservatives.