FoxNews has a reporter bylining from Frontenac, Missouri.

What, you’ve never heard of Frontenac? It’s a tiny little suburb town out in St Louis County (West), a political entity having nothing to do with the City of St Louis. But the City is where all those election irregularities took place in 2000.

So, you wonder, why is the reporter in Frontenac? I’ll tell you. There is a very lovely, very ritzy hotel in Frontenac, at the southwest corner of Clayton and Lindberg. It’s changed names so many times, I’m not sure what the current name is, but, trust me, it’s a nice place to stay.

And right across Clayton is Plaza Frontenac, a small (but pricey) mall featuring a Saks and a Neiman-Marcus. If you cross Lindberg from there, you’ll find one of West County’s hippest bars, on the roof above what used to be Schneidthorst’s Restaurant.

Reporting from the city means staying downtown or in the Central West End. And if you plan on doing any real shopping, those aren’t the places to be. The stores downtown are mostly nonexistent, and in the CWE they’re mostly of the quaint variety.

Don’t be surprised if Fox isn’t the only news network reporting on “St. Louis voting” from a city politically divorced from St Louis decades ago.