A Solemn Vow

Political junky that VodkaPundit is, my office is armed with a television tuned to various news channels, an AM radio, and a high-speed internet connection. I promise you I’ll remain at my keyboard all election day, and all the following night.


Except, of course, for bathroom breaks. And meals. Oh, and I might have some errands to run in the afternoon. Also, Melissa and I will need to go out to vote and grab a bite to eat in the evening. There’s also a chance that I might need to try to finish the level of Halo I’m stuck on.

But other than those four. . . ah, five little breaks, I swear I’ll be here until the last news story is filed.

Unless, of course, I need a nap or get bored or something.

Seriously, though, tomorrow night is going to be a long one, and I plan to be here for it.

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